Pros And Cons Of Group Vacation Packages

Setting up group vacation packages is one way for a number of people to put together a trip in a cost-effective manner. You do, however, want to be aware of the pros and cons of taking advantage of this process.

Pro: Traveling Companions

Many people are intimidated by the prospect of travel, especially if they're going overseas. Knowing that a group of people you'll be familiar with, particularly if you assemble a package with several friends, a church group, your business team or some other collection, will be there may ease that anxiety a bit. There's also the advantage of having a sense of security in numbers, as you can trust that if you lose your credit card, for example, someone will be able to help you. Groups will be able to readily obtain transportation, such as tour buses, as well.

Con: Flexibility

Cost is one of the big advantages of all-inclusive group vacation packages, but a major tradeoff can be a loss of flexibility. If you need to reschedule a flight or a hotel booking while traveling solo, that's at most a costly inconvenience. When going with a group, it may mean canceling or having to catch up later.

The lack of flexibility can present trouble if you find the need to deviate from the itinerary. In some cases, you may be locked into a ticket you already paid for in order to see a particular destination, and ditching the group for a day means eating that cost. Some packages allow for more flexibility. Be sure to look at available options when shopping for a package. 

Pro: Access

Bringing a group with you on a trip means your travel agent will have an easier time negotiating access to events, museums, concerts, and even restaurants. That bargaining power comes in handy for folks who might want, for example, to go to New York to see a musical that's difficult to get tickets to. Your group may even be able to arrange a private tour of a location, allowing you to avoid the pain of dealing with crowds. This can make travel, especially during the peak season in a region, less aggravating.

Pro: Ease

Most group vacation packages are arranged through travel agencies, allowing travelers to leave most of the tough parts to a professional. If you do get into a problematic situation while on your trip, you can lean on the tour operators and the travel agency to help you sort out problems with everything from flights to traveler's checks.

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Setting up group vacation packages is one way for a number of people to put together a trip in a cost-effective manner. You do, however, want to be aw

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