Disney Animals You'll Always Have In Your Heart

No matter your age, you've most likely fallen in love with a Disney character. Countless times, the delightful world of Disney has captured our hearts and made us laugh with its family-centered fun, entertainment, magic. The characters in Walt Disney's classics, even the modern fairy tales of today, are energetic, spirited, and heroic. Some of the most beloved characters have been the trusty quadruped sidekick, drying our tears and helping the hero succeed.

What's so wonderful about Disney movies is that the stars can also be animals. Kids and adults alike can support a hero that has the heart and mind of a human but sometimes thinks and acts just like an animal would. You love the thieving monkey and the tank-escaping fish. These animals have a place in your heart because they're just like you:

1. Nemo

What makes Finding Nemo such a beloved tale is the determination of both son and father to make their way back to each other. Nemo is taken from his home along the coral reef to swim around in a cramped fish tank, awaiting a very unpleasant home with Darla, the dentist's horrible niece. Marlin, Nemo's dad, swims across what seems like the entire Pacific Ocean to find Nemo and bring him safely home. Nemo finds friends in the dentist's fish tank and joins in their plan to escape the tank.

2. Bambi

Bambi is a delightful little deer who learns to walk and speak through his beloved friend Thumper. Along with Faline, the two live in peace throughout the wood until Bambi's mother is shot. Under the watchful eye of Bambi's father, Bambi grows up strong and keeps his streak of curiosity. Eventually he takes over for his father as the Great Prince of the Forest.

3. Abu

Aladdin's faithful sidekick Abu is a crafty little monkey who works with Aladdin to steal from street markets. He has an enormous heart, even though he appears to be a bit greedy at first. When Aladdin gives up his portion of bread to two young orphans, Abu begrudgingly offers up his food too. Abu is the best friend a boy could have living on the streets and takes care of Aladdin by keeping him laughing.

4. Pascal the chameleon

Pascal is Rapunzel's best friend and companion as she has little to occupy herself with all day up in her tower. Pascal comes in handy when Rapunzel paints because of his ability to change colors. He looks after Rapunzel and is very wary of Flynn Rider, who attempts to steal back the crown from Rapunzel and ultimately her heart. He's silent but caring and looks after his friend no matter what.  

5. Pluto

Pluto is one of the oldest and most loved Disney pets and characters of all time. His slobbering tongue and wagging tail are happy company for Mickey and Minnie, and he has all sorts of delightful adventures with the two in their old cartoons. Pluto is a watchful guard dog and a loving companion who sniffs out trouble and barks with joy.

6. Dumbo

Another famous Disney animal is the baby elephant and learned to fly with his enormous ears. Despite losing his mother and having little confidence in his ability to fly, Dumbo becomes the hero of the circus once he believes in himself. Dumbo has Timothy Q. mouse to help him ease the pain of losing his mother, and the two become friends for life.

7. Winnie the Pooh

Pooh Bear is a humble bear just looking for some delicious honey. Pooh Bear has his friends Piglet, Rabbit, Tiger, and Owl to band together with him in times of trouble. Pooh is the very best friend of Christopher Robin. A very kind and courageous bear, Pooh is consulted when problems arise in the Hundred Acre Wood and is always there when you need him to "think, think, think."

8. Simba

Simba is the prince of Pride Rock and is very rambunctious and fun-loving. He is happy to get into trouble with his friend Nala, but when his father Mufasa dies in a stampede, Simba leaves Pride Rock having felt responsible for the creating the stampede. Simba learns to live the life of leisure through Timon and Pumbaa but ultimately takes back his kingdom from his uncle Scar, who has left the Pridelands in ruin.

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No matter your age, you've most likely fallen in love with a Disney character. Countless times, the delightful world of Disney has captured our hearts